Reception has been spotty at our camp sites and we’ve been having too much fun to stop and write much, but I need to – so here’s a quick update, at least!

Last night was spent at Prairion Bayou Recreation Area near Monroe, Louisiana. Quiet and beautiful in the morning, but it was a little creepy last night! Great little free camping spot, however, and we slept soundly.

Sunrise on the bayou

Sunrise on the bayou

Our minivan alone in a field

The only car in the place!

Caity and Bunny the cat sleeping under the blankets

Bunny doesn’t like the cold, but we’re all pretty cozy at night!

Yesterday was a blast! We stopped in Meridian, Mississippi to visit the Jim Henson Experience, which was a fantastic surprise!!

… Apologies for the lack of captions and alt tags; trying to get something up for you at least! There was definitely more to the day – a closed-down Cactus plantation in Edwards, Mississippi; cotton plantations and actual mansions surrounded by horribly decrepit shacks…

Today was lots and lots of TEXAS. We stopped by an art museum and are ending the day in a gorgeous state park, completely dark and not another human around – just lots and lots of stars, coyotes, and quiet. More on Texas tomorrow! We’re setting up and turning in for the night.