We have officially left Pennsylvania!! Took a little longer than expected, but after picking up a rooftop cargo carrier and spending a few hours playing real-world Tetris, we got everything in with room to spare!

Minivan packed with boxes and a mattress to sleep on

This is not the final version, but you get the idea…

Stayed the night with Little Bird and his parents in Frederick, MD – it was cold last night!! It looks like we’ll be skirting a decent snowstorm and adjusting our route slightly to avoid it. Since when does Alabama get snow?!?

Anyway. Swinging through Pulaski, VA to give the mechanic the title to the Previa and then I think we’ll aim for Asheville, NC for the night – which is not scheduled to get snow tonight. If we leave early tomorrow and drop through Atlanta to Birmingham, I think we’ll be in the clear! It’s definitely the longest route possible, but better safe than sorry.

Cat sleeping on the dashboard

Tabitha apparently has a nervous bladder, but finally settled in.

I’ll get some better pictures today and see what fun roadside attractions we can spot! Find me on Facebook for updates as well…

Happy Trails!!