With the crazy winter storm they were projecting and the amount of stuff still left to do, we opted to push the movers out a few days. The storm ended up being absolutely nothing, but we’ve been grateful for the extra time to pack and prepare! I’ve got furniture sale and donation drop-offs scheduled today and tomorrow. Library shelves have been emptied and we’re down to a little kitchen stuff, some clothing, and the odds and ends that usually end up in “miscellaneous” boxes. It was folly to think those could be avoided.

Boxes neatly stacked in a corner
It doesn’t seem like a lot of stuff…

The car still needs its remaining bumper/window stickers applied, and I picked up a window marker as well! Come on, we can’t drive cross-country with cats without advertising the blog, now can we?! LOL Also still to do are the damned Reflectix window covers. It’s on the list, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet… Having the van interior empty of furniture and cleaned out should make that task easier! Tomorrow afternoon we’ll start packing the van and see what we need to adjust.

Annoyed grey cat sitting in a box
Bunny is not excited.

Bunny is not particularly thrilled with the chaos, though he does enjoy “helping” whenever possible. Generally, this includes sitting in the boxes I’m trying to pack, playing in the plastic bags I’m trying to throw things away in, and commandeering my lap any time I try to sit down. Very helpful. Tabitha, on the other hand, loves moving (she’s a strange cat) and is being extra playful and cuddly. It will be interesting to see how they adapt to #vanlife!!

Grey cat wearing sunglasses in front of a window
Bunny the rockstar cat, being helpful (as usual).