I like lists. And taking notes. My brain is a sieve, and unless I write something down, there’s a pretty good chance it will be completely erased from memory within a very short period of time. I’m strangely good at memorizing numbers and cramming for tests, but the information doesn’t get retained. Knowing one’s own weaknesses is an important skill in life, I find, and with the brain fog that goes hand-in-hand with autoimmune issues, dysautonomia and hypersomnia, I have valid excuses. So there. 😉

So, my birthday was this past weekend – and when my mom asked what I wanted, one of the things on the list was a Leuchtturm1917 dotted notebook. Purple, of course. I have purchased exactly one before and absolutely loved it. More recently, I tried out the Passion Planner – and while their worksheets were handy and I liked the concept, I found that it was way too rigid for my needs. I want a place I can take notes on ALL THE THINGS and go back and reference them easily. I still need to work on a regular review process, but that’s another matter for another blog post.

Anyway. My mother is a fantastic woman and in addition to a book I really wanted and a starter electric guitar with amp and two months of online lessons, I got my beautiful purple notebook! Now, I get – and like – the concept of actual bullet journaling, but I’m not at all good at being all creative and artistic and putting together super useful and pretty bullet journals like this one:

Bullet journal pages with artistic tracking of goals. Photo by Bich Tran from Pexels.

… But there’s no place to start like today! I used to like to draw. Never doodling, really, but drawing. And when I rearrange my house with any seriousness (which used to be pretty frequently), I measure everything including the furniture, draw it all out on graph paper, and cut the stupid things out so I can actually move things around tangibly. There’s probably something wrong with me.

My life is in need of complete redefinition and reorganization, and a new bullet journal seems like a useful next step in documenting and tracking things. The combination of my birthday and the autumnal equinox (and a full moon, to boot) seems like a pretty good place to start a new journal, as well! Let’s make some magic, baby. And holy cow, there are as many tutorials on starting a damned journal as there are weeds to pull. I’d start with the bullet journal creator’s no-frills guide that covers all the bases. Beyond that, just search for “starting a bullet journal” and take a deep breath.

The Leuchtturm comes with 3 index pages built-in, some perforated pages at the back, a little pocket on the inside of the back cover for loose notes or whatever, and seriously fantastic paper that good pens don’t bleed through. That is definitely my recommendation for a journal if you’re going to start one, but a lot of people use Moleskine and they work just fine. They also have the benefit of coming in a bunch of different sizes.


In regards to pens, that’s absolutely a matter of preference, as well. Use a standard Bic ballpoint if you’re happy with that! I like lots of colors and more of a fine felt-tip feel, so Staedtler Triplus Fineliner are my preferred pens.



… And with that, I’ve stalled enough! Time to get started on my own new journal. One of my top goals for the short-term future? This beauty, which has given us much joy over the past many months and whose owner will likely be parting with her at some point. Meet Amethyst, the 2016 Dodge Charger R/T. And shut up, I’m allowed to have a mid-life crisis car. Besides, this baby consistently gets 25+ mpg with a Hemi AND has ample room for us and our stuff – so there.

Purple Dodge Charger R/T