Life is weird. Really, really weird. Probably more so because I tend to see the mystical in the mundane and there is almost literally NOTHING normal in my world, but whatevs. Life is weird. LOL

So, I tend to keep my eyes and ears open for messages from what I call “The Universe”. God, Goddess, The Divine, Spirit, whatever you call it – I see meaning and symbolism in a lot of things. I’ll share with you a few of the more noteworthy ones I’ve come across over the past week.

Sunday morning, as I was walking and thinking to myself, I came across a Jaguar badge – one of those metal things on cars that shows the brand. Funny thing, one of the things I had been thinking about that morning and over the days prior was the black jaguar (or black panther). It is one of my spirit animals, along with a white horse. Yeah, yeah, save me the laughs over stereotypes and woo-woo shit – these were hard-earned and have played pretty prominent roles in my reality for many years. 😉

jaguar badge

Anyhow. Along with that, my ex-husband and mystical teacher messages me today with a picture of a black panther from some signage at a conference he was at. He remembered the black panther thing for me and something told him to reach out and send that picture. Keep in mind that we don’t really talk much, and I had not told him or social media about the recent panther thing (or even thoughts).

Messages like that make me pay attention, and are things that I consider to be pretty solid guidance from wherever. Thanks, universe, I’ll do a little more reading up on black panthers and work on embracing that energy in my world. LOL

The second substantial recurring message is a book / author. The author’s name is Bruce Lipton, and the book that keeps coming up is The Biology of Belief. There’s an audiobook I’m also supposed to listen to, but that might be a little more challenging to fit in – The Wisdom of Your Cells. One or the other of these books or the author himself have been mentioned by I think 5 separate people over the course of the past several days, which leads me to think I should probably read the damned book.

The last recurring message is a little less profound, but it stuck out nonetheless – and seemed apropos for where my life is at right now! Considering I haven’t heard it on the radio in a long time and now I’ve heard it at least 3 times over the past few days, I’ll at least consider it a nice message and positive affirmation about my path. And it’s just a great song, which I’ll never complain about. 😉 From one of my favorite albums ever, Throwing Copper, here’s Lightning Crashes, by Live – you can find it on Spotify or Amazon Music, or here’s the video: