… It almost feels like nature,

but for the concrete bench

sounds of construction




But the flowers are pretty, at least


And i’m alone for a moment

here with my thoughts

and a pen


There’s a battle being waged

in my soul

love is beautiful and terrible and


Oh, goddess, it hurts to breathe


I wasn’t ready for this to end

but I suppose that’s how it usually works


I understand, and part of me thinks

this is the right choice

this is better for both of us

I never really made you happy anyway


And the other part just hurts

and is angry

and sad

and lost


How could you??


After all the conversations

all the measured thoughts

and careful choices


We started building a castle

it was going to be so beautiful

and we felt safe for a moment




… and then you took it away.


Before we even had a chance

to try


You saw the real

and it terrified you


So you ran


I want to call you a coward

but I understand

I’m terrified too


And I thought I could trust


in you


… silly me.


I guess I’m stronger than most

only because I have to be


Who will be strong for me?




This too shall pass.


Thank you for the time we shared

the laughter

the love

the memories


You’ve helped me grow, and become





You were careful not to promise


so I guess I should have known


Go fly, little bird


Find your wings


And I’ll find mine again